Baytown Santa

Let’s put an end to Children doing without Christmas


1st way: We post the children's photo, age, clothes sizes and wishlist in a photo album located in the Baytown Santa Children page on FB. If you decide on a child you would like to be Santa to, all you have to do is be first to comment on the photo that you would like to be this child's Santa. I will respond and then edit the description adding you as their Santa. Then the photo will be moved to Has a Santa Album. You will need to like the Baytown Santa Children page. You also need to add Baytown Santa to your friends list to have the photo tagged to you.
2nd way: Message me on FB and tell me how many children, the age range, gender, an only child or a complete family with number of children. I will add you to the Santa's request sheet. As soon as a child or children is accepted that fits your request I will contact you. If you accept the ones I contact you about, they will be posted in the has a Santa album and tagged to you. They will not be put in the need a Santa album.
Link to Need a Santa photo Album:
I would also suggest you read the FB page Become a Santa information.